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I'm Filipe.

a Web Developer

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I'm a Fullstack Web Developer. I love programming, playing video games and outdoor activities.

My Skills.

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I'm highly skilled in accomplishing department objectives by managing staff; planning and evaluating department activities. I thrive on maintaining staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting and training employees. I have been praised multiple times for ensuring a safe, secure, and legal work environment. My main focus is to develop personal growth opportunities.

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Web Development

I started coding in High School when I wanted to create my own games. What began with a simple line of code in Game Maker, became a full fledge passion that only grows as time goes by.


Tribute page project
Tribute Page

Simple responsive webpage made as a learning project for HTML, CSS and mobile responsiveness.

Tribute page project
Survey Form

Webpage made with HTML and Bootstrap with major focus on HTML Forms and how to gather user input.

Tribute page project
Product Landing Page

Fictional product landing page made for mobile first with HTML, SASS and Bootstrap.

Tribute page project
Technical Documentation Page

JavaScript Documentation page made with HTML, SASS, Bootstrap and JavaScript. It features a custom made navigation bar that interacts with the viewport of the user.

Get In Touch

Do you have some people that are in need management or a code that needs coding? Maybe some code needs management, or some management needs some coding? Let me know!

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